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 Educational Opportunities

Cathedral Home for Children provides educational opportunities at both the residential and community based levels. Through our Mae Olson Education Center, we recognize the valuable role that educational development plays in the overall treatment and success of our clients. The importance of educational success is also emphasized through our community based prevention program, A.C.E.S.



students served through the A.C.E.S. Program during the 2017-2018 school Year.


students served at our Mae Olson Education Center during the 2017-2018 school year

1- 1.5

average Grade Levels gained through our Credit Recovery Program



Mae Olson Education Center

Mae Olson Education Center

Mae Olson Education Center

Planting the seeds of possibility to grow into a brighter Tomorrow!

Provides unique, trauma-sensitive education to students grades 6-12. The Mae Olson Education Center (MOEC) is fully accredited by AdvancED and by tracking progress toward national standards, helps students earn their high school diploma.

Students benefit from small class sizes and individualized programs to achieve educational success. Gains of at least one grade year or more in math and reading, help students to build strengths for continued education and job skills. Through Individualized Education Plans (IEP), MOEC works with school districts to facilitate and provide the necessary resources.


With year- round enrollment, our credit recovery provides students with opportunities to earn the necessary middle or high school credits they need to earn their diploma.

Core classes

Include Language Arts, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Vocational Education, Science, Health and summer courses.


Students gain employment skills through culinary arts, Coffee House Corner, Iron Riders bicycle maintenance program, and agriculture and equine science

Pam Zamora, Education Director

Pam Zamora, Education Director

I love to see the students gain confidence in their academic abilities and begin to set academic goals like graduating from high school, or attending college. Often time these are things they would never dream possible before coming to CHC.
— Pam Zamora, Education Director

 A.C.E.S. Program

(Albany County Expelled and Suspended students)

In partnership with the Albany County School District, A.C.E.S. is a voluntary program for families whose students have been suspended or expelled from school. It is designed to help students stay on track academically while providing support to the family. 

A.C.E.S. is facilitated by a certified teacher provided by the school district and is housed in the Laramie Youth Crisis Center.

To learn more about the A.C.E.S. Program, contact 307-742-5936.



students were provided support during a suspension or expulsion in 2018.


Mr. Duane Tillman

A.C.E.S. Teacher