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Residential Treatment

The importance of relationships guides our mission, philosophy, and treatment.

Services provided give youth ages 12-18 whom have experienced extensive trauma the necessary skills to build healthy relationships with peers, family members and others around them. A sense of belonging develops with the application of these new skills through participation in cottage life, individual and family counseling, therapeutic groups, school attendance, recreation, summer program, and a variety of other programs and events.

To learn more about how to place a youth in our program, visit our placement resources section below!



youth were served in our residential program.


of residential clients that completed their treatment program did not enter the same or higher level of care within 1 year of discharge.


days of service to clients in our residential program.

Therapeutic Services

address the following:

substance use

high threat to self/suicide risk

problem sexual behaviors

commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC)

independent living

pro-social deficits

attachment difficulty

criminal conduct and problems with authority

mood related diagnosis

persistent mal-adaptive behaviors

school related problems and challenges

emotional dysregulation

LGBTQ needs

Our spectrum of services are offered through interventions that include:

individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and milieu-based therapy

Best program by far. Talk about dedication and dream-building, and it is such an inspiring place. I would not have made it this far in life without staff support. When I arrived, I was a confused paranoid boy, socially inept, and I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be. I am glad to say now I have found myself thanks to CHC.
— Former Resident
The Horse Program taught me a lot about how important it is to have patience when it comes to building trust with others.
— Former Resident

Placement Resources

Are you considering placing a youth in our residential Program?

To learn more about the referral process and about the residential services that we provide, contact, Stacey Scholl our Clinical Director.

Stacey Scholl, Clinical Director

Stacey Scholl, Clinical Director

We strive to ensure that all of our services are relationship-based and driven by understanding and responding to trauma.
— Stacey Scholl, Clinical Director

For placement inquiries outside of the state of Wyoming, contact our Placement Coordinators!

Wyoming (& other states)

Stacey Scholl | | 307.721.1553


Michael Bishop | | 307.721.1583


Dann Harvey | | 307.760.3142

Referrals are reviewed on an individual basis by agency directors and clinicians. Youth will not be denied placement due to sexual orientation or gender identification.

Are you preparing your Child for placement at Cathedral Home?

Access our handbook that addresses FAQs!


Cottage Life

Rod Tyson, Residential Director

Rod Tyson, Residential Director

Our cottages provide an environment where youth feel a sense of safety and belonging which are essential elements to building relationships.
— Rod Tyson, Residential Director
Hunter Cottage

Hunter Cottage


Brush Cottage

Brush Cottage


Sargent cottage

Sargent cottage


Newell Cottage

Newell Cottage


Osborne Cottage

Osborne Cottage


Medical Services

Elliot Hays Medical Center

Elliot Hays Medical Center


Each client is assessed by the nursing staff upon arrival to address any medical needs and verify medications. An intake physical exam will be provided within the first week, and an initial psychiatric interview will be provided within two weeks. Each client will receive a tuberculosis (TB) skin test if one has not been completed within the last year. 


Each client will receive routine medical care including yearly physicals, annual eye exams, and routine dental cleanings in addition to fillings, wisdom tooth extraction, and other dental work as needed. Clients will be able to visit specialists and other outside providers as recommended by our physicians and their treatment plan.  Urgent medical needs are treated at Stitches or Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

We provide on-going medical support to youth who are prescribed psychotropic medications and/or require medical assistance with diabetes and other medical diagnosis.