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My family has been involved with Cathedral Home for over 20 years. I love donating and dedicating time to CHC because children are our future, and there is no better investment than rebuilding the lives and providing new opportunities for children.
— Natasha Harris



with your support, Cathedral Home served 691 youth and their families in times of crisis last year


I give time and resources to CHC for one reason: results. I know when I devote my energy to CHC that CHC will turn that energy into actual results improving the lives of the children served.
— Greg Weisz


individuals and families gave to CHC in 2018


total gifts received last year

Born into a loving, caring family, I want children whose story is marked by trauma and crisis to have an opportunity for a great life, too. CHC provides that.
— Very Reverend, Marilyn Engstrom

2019 fundraisers

I have a passion to help kids in desperate need. There is no better place to give than to Cathedral Home.
— Paula Dodds

rachel leBeau

Development Director


By giving to Cathedral Home, you are restoring hope for a young person.

You are helping them to experience security.

You are allowing a young person to experience school and daily living like never before.

You are giving opportunity—

To bond with and care for a horse for the first time. To learn job skills like barista training and bicycle repair. To make solid connections. To sleep soundly without fear.

When you give to Cathedral Home, you are building futures. Thank you!